cropped-Alex-Cropped.jpg    Welcome to my web site, I hope you find it helpful.

You may have found this page because you are experiencing worry, loss  or depression, as we all do at some stage in our lives,  and you may feel you need to come to terms with the pain, disappointment and confusion so that you can move forward in your life.

Sometimes this can be easier to resolve with some impartial, understanding help from someone trained to make sense of what is happening, especially if it is tainting your quality of life profoundly.

Distress can also cause unhappiness in all our relationships with others at home, work or socially.

Even though it may feel strange to ask for help, as we are so often encouraged to cope alone, professional therapy can  be the beginning of a whole new way to see yourself and help you achieve your full potential, with a happier, balanced life and a more relaxed approach to the future.

Here is a link to my main web site which will give you a lot more information about the kinds of issues I help with and more about my background so you can be reassured that I have a lot of experience in both the corporate sector and as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

Generally for many issues, counselling can be very effective as we work together  on specific problems. We go much deeper in psychotherapy to work on the past and the future and how to be able to make choices for yourself that are in your best long term interests.

Please call me on 01793 539991 or email me on alex@alexcoppock-bunce.com to make an appointment .



Last updated 10/2/16