The Way Counselling and Psychotherapy Work with Hypnotherapy

You may be curious about why counselling is so helpful for changing the way we think, feel and behave so profoundly and in such a positive way.

Much of it is because, even though we aren’t always aware, we have traumas during our lives, some at very early stages and these can accumulate over the years . We then end up adapting our behaviour and even our thinking to help us cope emotionally.

This isn’t always the best way as our subconscious plays such a huge role in this and it is pretty much fully developed by the time we are 7 years old. So it continues to act in the same old way, time and time again, as a habit, without us slowing down and thinking things through or recognising our emotions, unless we retrain it.

So this is where hypnotherapy can be such a useful adjunct to counselling and psychotherapy, where we talk to each other and explore our feelings. With hypnosis, we can retrain the subconscious to adopt new and more helpful ways to think and behave. It helps us to increase our self esteem so we feel more entitled to take our feelings seriously and become more emotionally resilient.

When this is “reprogrammed” into our thinking and it feels familiar we are able to go forward in our lives more positively, without the old habits and behaviours getting in the way of our progress.

It also helps us to be so much more relaxed so we can allow ourselves to consider and reflect on the positive changes we may want to make to improve our quality of life and to take some responsible risks to adopt them instead of feeling afraid to change in any way.

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Updated 13/2/16